Lifestyle Meditation

Lifestyle Meditation supports forward-thinkers coping with multiple sources of stress by providing the tools for integrating meditation into everyday life. Through an approach that combines practical and scientific methods, Lifestyle supports the overall wellbeing of an inclusive community brought together in Edmonton’s only dedicated meditation studio space.

In addition to our studio, Lifestyle Meditation also has a large and growing teacher community made up of dedicated and passionate individuals from across North America. Our teachers have joined together because, like us, they believe meditation to be an invaluable tool for personal stress management and spiritual growth. It is our goal to continue to foster and support this continuously growing community.


Our Vision

At Lifestyle Meditation our vision is to see the practice of meditation as a mainstream and well utilized tool, supporting society’s overall wellbeing and connectivity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create accessible and safe meditation studio environments, that educate and guide clients into a consistent practice. Our teacher trainings provide a transformational experience, through a balanced approach of education and spirituality, preparing teachers to share meditation with the world.

Core Values

Love: Everything we structure and teach is from a place of love and service and we hope to provide this to all of our teachers and students.

Collaboration: We embrace the opportunity to build a tribe that can connect and collaborate with one another to serve.

Respect for all Paths: We are not a type of meditation, we are a platform that welcomes all forms of meditation and we understand that there are many paths to the same destination.

Accessibility: We have designed our studio and programs to welcome new and experienced meditators to a comforting, non denominational; modern environment.

Service for a Higher Good: We believe in using business and meditation to make a difference in our world.