How we help


Edmonton Schools

Over the past several years, Lifestyle Meditation has been working directly with local schools to discuss the benefits of meditation in the classroom. Several Lifestyle teachers have been actively involved in presenting or teaching basic meditation techniques to children of all ages in various schools across Edmonton. Lifestyle Meditation is excited to now be offering the “Learn to Teach Meditation to Kids and Teens” Teacher Training program, a new, valuable tool for teachers and students! This program helps teachers:

  • Gain an in depth understanding of the science of stress and how it impacts the physical,  mental and emotional bodies of children and teens.
  • Learn about the four pillars of successful children and how meditation can play a helpful role  in their development.
  • Learn a variety of meditation techniques to cultivate greater mental and emotional health for  themselves and the children/teens in their classrooms.

If you are a teacher, school admin, or parent and are interested in bringing meditation to your school please contact us.

University of Alberta

In early 2015, Lifestyle Meditation began working with the University of Alberta Integrative Health Institute (IHI), bringing the benefits of meditation to patients, caregivers, staff and community members at the University Hospital in Edmonton.

Beginning in March of 2015, Lifestyle became part of a targeted study to measure the benefits of meditation in this environment, working with the hospital and volunteer Lifestyle Certified Meditation Teachers, to offer daily guided meditations on a series of health related topics in the McMullen Gallery and the Kaye Clinic Prayer Space. In addition, Lifestyle Co-Founder, John Trapp, joined the IHI Board, supporting the research, vision and integration of holistic health modalities into the mainstream health system.

To date, the project has been a great success, with positive feedback from many patients and their caregivers. The guided meditations have helped many find a moment of peace during a stressful, painful and emotional time in their lives. Lifestyle will continue to work with the IHI to help further develop this program.



A small group of four incredible women that travels to India and Nepal each year, the India Nepal Yoga Project (INYP) is a grassroots organization founded by Lifestyle Meditation owner and lead educator, Mandy Trapp. Visiting both rescue shelters and local community groups active in making a difference in the lives of those impacted by trafficking, HIV/AIDS, INYP introduces the basic principals and practices of yoga and meditation to create an outlet to nurture dignity and self-respect and promote empowerment and healing.