What type of meditation do you teach?

One of the most common questions we get at Lifestyle Meditation is, “What type of meditation do you teach?” Our classes and workshops offer a wide variety of meditation styles, with one common objective: creating an experience that reduces stress and increases overall happiness.

We encourage our visitors to choose their class based on their intention for coming. That is, “ what type of experience are you looking for, or, what do you feel that you most need right now?” With 7 Lifestyle Meditation Signature Classes to choose from as well as other special classes, we strive to meet each and every one of our clients where they are at.

Speciality Classes


Clearing the Path with Yin

This class provides the opportunity to open the body gently through simple yoga postures held for long periods of time in a very supportive and comfortable manner. Deep tension in the body is released through this restorative practice, which allows for greater rest and healing during meditation.


Salute the Sun

The Sun Salutation sequence (Surya Namaskar), is an ancient tradition that serves to shine light on your shadows and move you, your conflicts and discomforts into the light. Only there are we able to remove the physical, mental and emotional barriers that hold us back. Each class is a beautiful blend of movement through the surya Namaskar using breath and mantra. We conclude each class in silence- appreciating and basking in the illumination.


Zen Bootcamp

A fit body comes from a fit mind and a fit mind comes with a fit body. We are multi-dimensional beings and perfect health is only possible when we train all of our layers. This class is a blend of yoga, pilates, functional movement and meditation…all with a deeply mindful spin. It’s a fun challenge that yields great results!

Signature Classes


To slow down the monkey mind, the monkeys must be given something to do. During this class specific mantras (or tools for the mind) are given and repeated silently or aloud to quiet the thoughts, thereby leaving a much longer lasting sense of peace and quiet.


Moving through the primary energy centres in the body, this guided visualization incorporates colour, sound and purpose to assist in removing energy blockages. The result is a better functioning body and a more clearly functioning mind.


Not everyone can go from the activity of the day and immediately into a still meditation practice. This is why we created this class! Gentle movements such as basic yoga postures, Qi Gong, Tai Chi or even dancing may be used to unwind the body before settling into a much more comfortable meditation.


Even better than a lullaby, this class is a guided relaxation designed to release tension in the body and slow down the abundance of thoughts in the mind. The result is easier access to deeper and more regenerative states of sleep.


A guided visualization that will redirect your mind and your body towards greater experiences of happiness, peace and freedom.


Guided instruction of specific breath techniques designed to stir up the stress that sits in the body and release it. The result? A calmer body and a more peacefully-energized mind.


Whether jumping and dancing or sitting and laughing, this class is sure to leave you feeling a whole lot lighter.


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