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Lifestyle Meditation will be closed on Saturday July 1, 2017, as we celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with our friends and families.  We will maintain regular business hours for the rest of the week. Also on July 1, we will be switching to an exciting new Summer Class Schedule! This new schedule will run for July (more…)

The Peaceful State Process (PSP) is a profound and relaxing spiritual practice with practical applications for our daily personal, professional, and business lives. You can expect to learn during the PSP to: Get the needed clarity when feeling overwhelmed. Easily get centered and grounded when feeling off-centered. Let go and get past the resistance that’s (more…)

The full moon is a time to plant seeds of intention and desire. To cleanse away what no longer serves you, and open up to these desires that await you. When the moon is at its fullest, we are more easily influenced by the power of the universe. Join us and tap into the power (more…)

Functional Medicine – Regulating Hormones and how Jealousy, Greed and Love can play a role. Sabrina Souto R. Ac, TCMD and Roberta Shepherd HHP.Feeling tired? Gaining weight? Irritable? Infertility? Immune System issues? Feeling off?Sabrina Souto R.Ac, TCMD and Roberta Shepherd, HHP & Edmonton’s only Flower Essences Aficionado, will explore how science, emotions, herbs, flower essences (more…)

Are you new to meditation? Are you curious about how meditation can positively improve your health and quality of life? The Introduction to Meditation workshop is a great place to start. In this two-hour session, you will learn the basic science, philosophy and practice of meditation with intent of helping you develop a solid personal practice. Learn to sit (more…)

This workshop will help you develop your intuitive ability that we are all born with. As your birth right, you have a natural ability to tap into the flow of the Universe to help you make decisions, understand your purpose here in this life time, and help others. This 4 hour workshop will lay down (more…)

Introducing an exciting new way to enjoy the luxury of silence. Join us for a day of SILENCE from 9am to 6pm in our relaxing studio, including a days worth of meditation classes, special reserved seating in our silent small studio, a meditation journal, light lunch, and a special 30 minute Introduction to Meditation workshop. (more…)

Lifestyle Meditation has partnered with FARRM to offer a one-of-a-kind meditation experience.  Enjoy a special meditation session on the FARRM facilities with 100% of the proceeds going directly to FARRM.   Click HERE to buy tickets – please note that Lifestyle Meditation is not hosting this event, nor handling tickets or signup.  (more…)

Transformational Cellular Healing is a powerful energetic process of clearing, purifying, and regenerating cellular  memory. Through meditation, movement and music, a deep awakening is activated. A remembering and awareness occurs that reminds us of our true nature, our inner wisdom and intuitive knowing; that we are nature itself. This potent process of cellular transmutation opens (more…)

In this 25-hour, three day “Learn to Teach Meditation to Kids and Teens” certification program,Lifestyle Meditation will provide you with the education and tools necessary to explore, in depth, the impact of stress on the physical, mental and emotional bodies of children and teens. With a focus on cultivating greater mental and emotional health, the (more…)

Become an inspiring facilitator confidently ready to open the door for others. This training is designed to deepen your understanding of the connection between stress and your mental and physical health, and how to sustainably create practices that result in greater overall happiness, freedom and ease. During this 5 module immersion you will: Explore, in (more…)