UpcomingClassical Kundalini with Kris Elaschuk

  • Saturday
    June 2, 2018
    6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Classical Kundalini yoga is a dynamic practice that allows an expansive awareness of the self through utilizing the essences of:
  • mantra – sound & chanting
  • pranayama – controlled breathing techniques
  • kriya – dynamic movement & cleansing practices

as well as many forms and techniques of meditation.

The practice allows you to become aware of the levels of the self ~ to find new awareness, to release, to heal, and to transcend from limitation. The philosophy of the practice touches upon the spiritual philosophies of Yogic mysticism, delving into the chakras, subtle anatomy and more. Expand your mind, purify your body, integrally move through emotion, and invigorate your subtle energy body though this transformational practice.

This is an all-encompassing practice that allows the space for you to raise your vibration of being, and expand your consciousness.
*Open to all levels, with a safe and open space created for the practice.
*Wear comfortable clothing, preferably white/lighter colours & organic in material.

Saturday, June 2
6:00 – 9:00 pm

$50 + GST
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About Kris:
I have been exploring the path of mysticism, spirituality and longevity since I was a young child. Over my lifetime I’ve been blessed to study with many Elders, Gurus, Shamen, and wisdom teachers of many traditions. Embodied with many years of study in traditional martial arts, the yogic traditions, and the practice of a kind, conscious way of living, I am forever inspired and grateful to learn and share. Actively, I have been studying the essences of Kundalini Yoga for many years with a strong consistent practice of teaching. In my studies I am constantly enamoured by the philosophy, science and mysticism of the essence of Kundalini ~ always uncovering more truth and constantly growing more inspired to teach. My passion for learning and teaching the Yogic arts has allowed me to facilitate yoga teacher trainings (200hr & 500hr), medicine journeys, workshops, healing ceremonies, and transformational experiences at sacred gatherings and beautiful spaces all over the world. I am eternally grateful to share my passion, wisdom and joy.