ExpiredHealing From the Heart

  • Sunday
    November 12, 2017
    10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Join us for a morning of connecting and listening to our hearts to find peace and healing from within.

CONNECT to your heart through qi gong and movement therapy with Geha Gonthier.

LISTEN to your heart with heart-focused meditation and breathing led by Alanna Prather.

INTEGRATE the teachings of your heart with Flower Essences guided by Roberta Shepherd.

Cost: $30 + GST
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About Roberta Shepherd, HHP (Click here for more info)
I am a Holistic Health Care Practitioner (HHP) who specializes in Flower Essences. I am also a professional foot Reflexologist and a Reiki Master. But that’s not all. I am an independent mom, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, a feminist and a raw human being who is funny, scared, passionate, compassionate and a little rough around the edges. I am committed to not hiding my humanity with my professionalism and to celebrating the humanity of all those whose paths I cross. Sometimes, I will convince myself that I’m screwing it all up, but I’m also committed to self-compassion in my quest to create personal success by extolling reality. I am dedicated to meeting my life on it’s terms and to helping others do the same through the use of Flower Essences and compassionate listening, drawing the answers out of the questioner simply by holding intentional space.

About Geha Gonthier, B.A., LMT, ERYT, R.Ac. (Click here for more info)
Surviving her first cardiac arrest at 7 years of age, the doctors did not hold much hope for Geha. Through Europe’s integrated medical care, Geha met a doctor that advised her to come off western drugs and use diet and herbs to manage her chronic condition. Over time her condition improved dramatically and inspired Geha to make holistic medicine her life’s journey.

She has explored various healing methods for over 35 years, beginning with a degree for movement therapy from the College of Performing Arts in Vienna. In 1980 she was fortunate to study Shiatsu and Oriental Diagnosis with Wataru Ohashi in New York. This marked the beginning of a deep love affair with eastern philosophy, mysticism and medicine. In the following years she studied medical massage at the Swedish Institute of New York, cranio sacral therapy with David Little, nutrition, aromatherapy and different bodywork modalities. Over the last twenty years she has apprenticed with various teachers both in Europe as well as Maui on the subject of Chinese Medicine and herbs. In 2007 she received her Acupuncture Diploma after completing the program at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton.

Geha has been practicing and teaching Yoga and Meditation for many years. The results of that are reflected in the gentleness and care she extends to her patients. The focus in her work is the integration of body, mind and spirit, encouraging profound healing in the most subtle levels of awareness.

About Alanna Prather, RMT 2200 hr, TMTT, HeartMath® Certified Coach/Mentor (Click here for more info)
Alanna began studying and working in the field of personal transformation twenty years ago when called to create deep-level change in her own world; and when a direct encounter with her chakra energy during meditation forever changed the way she viewed human existence, she began to walk a far different path of service. Her extensive spiritual and ongoing clinical massage studies recently took her on a life-changing 3.5 month journey to Thailand where she certified to provide and teach Thai massage, experiencing first-hand the ancient ways of the Thai masters, Hill Tribes and Temple Monks.

She gratefully brings the spirit, skill and compassion of Thai Massage to her work here in Edmonton where she also offers Reiki and a dynamic, intuitive variety of western-style clinical massage services that relax, mobilize, reduce pain, balance, energize, detoxify and heal.

Having worked and volunteered for several years in the health-wellness-and-social services field to support those who were suffering and searching for solutions, she has developed a level of insight and sensitivity that richly informs the skill she brings to her mind-body-soul treatments. Each of her vibrant living therapies is personalized to support people wherever they are at in their lives, to help them move past existing limitations into ever-brighter possibilities.