ExpiredHighly Meditated – An Exploration of Altered States with Marissa Kuchelyma

  • Friday
    April 20, 2018
    7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Since 1999, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has been conducting psilocybin research projects. Areas of notable psilocybin research include the reduction of anxiety and fear in terminally ill cancer patients, and the treatment of alcohol addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder, and depression.

Recent neuroimaging studies show that meditation and psilocybin (the active compound in “magic mushrooms”) produce strikingly similar decreases in brain circuits responsible for self-referential processing (ie sense of self in space and time).

Psilocybin and meditation can be viewed as complimentary techniques for the exploration of the nature of Self and the mind. Psilocybin is a pharmacological tool that helps people:

  • Recognize how it feels to embody the present moment
  • Explore subtle levels of awareness
  • Dispassionately observe and let go of pain, fear, and discomfort
  • Transform a conventional sense of self (ie the ego): you are not your mind
  • Recognize that the mind is capable of revealing knowledge not readily accessible in everyday waking consciousness
  • Gain an authoritative sense of the interconnectedness of all people and things

Sound familiar? In deep meditation, our consciousness can transcend the boundaries of the body/ego/mind and the usual limitations of linear time and three-dimensional space. And it is from this state of expanded awareness we can sit in the seat of the Soul, as the witness – the silent observer – and access and experience a deep inner knowing.

Join Marissa for an informative evening on the similarities of experiences of altered states of consciousness, and a guided meditation practice.
*Lifestyle Meditation does not encourage the use of any illegal substances. The information presented will be based on scientific research results, anecdotal evidence, and personal experience.

Friday, April 20
7:00 – 9:30 pm
$34 + GST

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About Marissa:
With a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology, Marissa loves connecting science with spirit, walking in both the seen and unseen realms of existence. She is particularly interested in methods of achieving non-ordinary states of consciousness and their psycho-therapeutic potential for healing, tapping into creativity, attaining personal insight and spiritual growth. For over 13 years Marissa has personally researched and experimented with various methods of accessing these states, including floating in sensory deprivation tanks, hiking and forest bathing, yoga, Holotropic Breathwork, music and sound healing, the use of sacred plant medicines, and meditation. Falling deeply in love with the practice of meditation, Marissa completed her 200 HR teacher training certification with Lifestyle Meditation, where she has worked since it opened in 2016. Marissa enjoys promoting our right to cognitive liberty by supporting MAPS (the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), having hosted a Psychedelic Dinner fundraiser in 2016. She also volunteered alongside 200 participants from across the world at the Psychedelic Science Conference in 2017. Marissa has also completed Sanctuary/Psychedelic Crisis support training, and Spiritual Emergency Coach training. You can easily relax into your practice, as Marissa creates and holds a safe and loving space from which you can explore your own innerverse through guided meditation.