ExpiredJuicy Couples Workshop

  • Friday
    January 26, 2018
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Come with your partner and allow Melissa and Cole to guide you both through movement with the intent to soften, connect, and explore.

Learn light touch techniques to cultivate soft trust, and Acro yoga to establish solid trust. Melissa and Cole will lead everyone through a detailed Thai massage to give your partner, as well as show you some tantric massage techniques and sexy couples yoga postures to spice things up. The workshop will close with synchronized tantric breathing within consciously held heart space.

$50 + GST per couple

*Please pre-register as there are a limited number of spaces available.
Only need to sign up with one name to register spaces for you and your partner. 
Click here to register. Full payment is required to reserve your seat in any of our workshops. 
You will be refunded in full if we receive a minimum of 24 hours notice of your cancellation, or you can gift your seat to a friend. 

About Cole:
I have been instructing yoga and guiding transformational retreats around the world for 15 years. I will be bringing you to a space where movement in the body and relationship to enjoyment become the environment for positive change. I assist people in their journey with my unique ability to work with alignment, action, and attitude – bringing the mind and body together through the practice and awareness of breath.

About Melissa:
I am a Registered Yoga Teacher, Global clairvoyant & Holistic and Connections Relationship Therapist. I’ve helped propel thousands of people around the globe in achieving higher states of living for the last 15 years. I primaraly work one-on-one with people to assist in their awakening, and also love sharing my work in larger groups from time to time. I provide support for your journey of personal reconnection by providing the necessary tools for emotional, mental, physical and energetic processing and healing by assisting you in bringing mind, body, and soul into oneness and alignment.