ActiveJourney of SoundHealing with Kris Elaschuk

  • Wednesday
    April 25, 2018
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The insights and practices to be presented in this workshop culminated from Kris’ many devoted years in the study and practice of soundhealing. The intention of this event is to provide wisdom-based material as well as accessible experiential practices that can be utilized to bring benefits to one’s own state of being, as well as bringing benefits to mass consciousness.

The workshop will feature:

    • A lecture based section sharing unique insights into the realm of sound and consciously crafted vibration. We will discuss the scientific, historic, esoteric, spiritual and misunderstood essences of sound as a means to shift consciousness.
    • Intonement/toning practices utilizing many different techniques to unlock one self’s transformational capabilities, with many different internal and external techniques. *No singing/vocal experience is necessary.
    • An experiential soundjourney created with Crystal Singing Bowls, mystical flutes, chimes, handpan, and vocal harmonics.

With the insight and tools from this class, you will be enlightened with perspective on:

  • How to dispel tension in the physical body though breath and sound
  • Improving the quality of voice, while enhancing the ability to hear
  • The refinement and improvement of breath
  • How to transmute and transcend mental/emotional cloudiness and states of limitation
  • Utilizing sound to aid in resting/sleeping better at night, and also to stay vibrant when in times of waking life
  • The awareness of shifting brainstates through breath and sounding, allowing yourself the ability to move into mental states of clarity and knowing
  • Having a series of different techniques to cope with the stressors of daily life
  • The ability to build a deeper form of confidence and trust in expressing your health, brilliance, and well-being
  • The mechanisms and ability to rewrite your neurology for a more divine expression of your true self
  • How to use sound as a means of manifestation
  • Most importantly, how to have fun with sound and consciousness

Wednesday, April 25
7:00 – 9:00 PM

$35 + GST
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About Kris:
I have been exploring the path of mysticism, spirituality and longevity since I was a young child. Over my lifetime I’ve been blessed to study with many Elders, Gurus, Shamen, and wisdom teachers of many traditions. Embodied with many years of study in traditional martial arts, the yogic traditions, and the practice of a kind, conscious way of living, I am forever inspired and grateful to learn and share. Actively, I have been studying the essences of Kundalini Yoga for many years with a strong consistent practice of teaching. My passion for learning and teaching the Yogic arts has allowed me to facilitate yoga teacher trainings (200hr & 500hr), medicine journeys, workshops, healing ceremonies, and transformational experiences at sacred gatherings and beautiful spaces all over the world.

In my love for music and strong belief in the power of sound to heal and shift consciousness, I work extensively with many arts and tools in the realm of soundhealing. I create transformational soundscapes through utilizing Crystal Singing Bowls, medicine flutes, planetary gongs, the handpan (hang drum),  sonic vocals, and much more.  Through my company, Crystalline Awakenings, I design and offer unique sound healing tools such as customized crystal singing bowls, as well as offer my studio produced sound healing album. I regularly offer my lightwork and soundhealing to compliment yoga classes, sacred ceremonies, both personal and public sessions and events, and to the heart of nature. I am eternally grateful to share my passion, wisdom and joy.