Teacher Training

“Be a gift to everyone who enters your life, and to everyone whose life you enter.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch


In as little as 25 hours, you can become a certified meditation teacher and share the benefits of mindfulness as an effective tool to manage stress.

To date, Lifestyle Meditation has trained more than 500 passionate, dedicated teachers that have come to us from all walks of life, including educators, health practitioners, first responders, business professionals, yoga instructors and more.

Using education and experience to create healthier bodies and happier minds, our teacher trainings are designed to provide you with the tools and support to make a difference in yourself, your home, your community, and even in the world!


Our group was so connected and loving. Great props and resources. Loved the healing exercise and forgiveness mantra.” ~ Katherine

Our Trainings

Learn to Teach Meditation (25h)

Become an inspiring facilitator confidently ready to open the door for others. This training is designed to deepen your understanding of the connection between stress and your mental and physical health, and how to sustainably create practices that result in greater overall happiness, freedom and ease.

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Learn to Teach Meditation to Kids and Teens (25h)

During this multi-day certification program, We will provide you with the education and tools necessary to explore, in depth, the impact of stress on the physical, mental and emotional bodies of children and teens.

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Mediteen: Mindful Leadership Training

We are excited to launch a new initiative known as “Mediteen” – a project created to inspire teens to become conscious and compassionate leaders among their peers.

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Love to Teach Meditation (200 h)

Specifically designed to prepare you and your students to transcend the blockages and limiting beliefs that often hold them hostage, this program will awaken you to the possibilities of a lighter and more joy-filled path.

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