Mandy Trapp

Mandy Trapp worked in the health and wellness industry for 15 years before launching her own meditation company in 2012. Lifestyle Meditation was founded as an education-based, socially conscious company that believes in making stress management and spiritual growth easy and accessible for everyone. As a mother of three and wife to a successful entrepreneur, Mandy understands the demands of juggling a busy life. Although she entered motherhood with a post-secondary education and a full schedule as a personal trainer at a top training studio in Edmonton, Canada, it wasn’t until she began her studies at Chopra University in San Diego, California, that she truly began to understand the importance of a daily meditation practice. In 2008 she graduated from Chopra University with their top distinction of Vedic Master Educator and has brilliantly woven her Chopra education with her athletic training education, various yoga certifications, and several trips to India and Nepal where she has founded the India/Nepal Yoga Project; a non-profit organization that empowers healing in those affected by the devastating effects of human trafficking.


Paula Swain

Paula is a natural communicator with a passion for helping others realize their true and full potential.

After spending many years in the corporate sector working in Human Resources and Finance, she made the decision to follow a new path.

Over the past 10 years, she has studied various healing modalities with Reiki being her speciality, and has learned how the healing energies truly benefit the human body, mind and soul. She is a member of the Canadian Reiki Association.

In 2015, Paula had the honour of participating in a Pediatric Integrative Medicine Trial at the Stollery Chidren’s Hospital in Edmonton as a Reiki Practitioner working with sick children. Volunteering and being in service to others is an integral part of her life and she gives her time to it whenever possible.


Dawn Southey-Hills

“I am a healing hugger, lover of life, connector of community, empowerer of people, mystical meditator and goddess of gratitude.”

Dawn Southey Hills has a huge passion for empowering and inspiring youth. She teaches dance, yoga, and meditation to youth and adults. After overcoming anxiety, depression, and a very challenging childhood, as well as losing a dear friend to suicide in 2010, Dawn decided to become a public speaker and advocate for mental health.

As a child, Dawn loved dance and sports. She taught kids dance and fitness in high school. After working as a nanny in France for a year, Dawn decided to become an English and Physical Education Teacher. She received her Bachelor of Education in 1994 from the University of Alberta and went on to work for the Japanese government from 1995-1997 as an English Language Teacher.

After having her son, who developed epilepsy and special needs, Dawn met Mandy Trapp. Mandy completely rerouted Dawn’s life, introducing her to the healing practices of yoga and meditation.

In 2008, Mandy inspired Dawn to create “Dance Around The World”, a pre-school movement program that incorporates dances from around the world, kids yoga and guided meditation. In 2009, Dawn began working at Edmonton’s Prana Yoga Studio where she continues to teach Dance Around The World, kids yoga and meditation and kids summer camps. In June of 2015, Dawn graduated from the 200 hour Adult Yoga Teacher Training at Prana.

Dawn became a Lifestyle Meditation Teacher in 2014 and now teaches private lessons and group meditations for adults and children. As a caregiver to a child with special needs, meditation is one of her favourite self-care practices and helps her manage her mental and physical health.

Dawn is also the co-founder of The Goddess Network, with her partner, and fellow Lifestyle Meditation Teacher and life coach, Sara Hiebert. The Goddess Network was created in 2013, to provide community, compassion, support, inspiration and connection for women.


Christine Fraser

If you ask Christine Fraser what ignites her passion she’ll tell you that it’s all about inspiring people to be the best that they can be!

Whether it is teaching meditation, working with children in her yoga practice, facilitating core and cellular transformational healing, or offering sessions of Intuitive guidance; she truly lives and breathes magic into it all. She is funny, enthusiastic and has a gift for touching people’s hearts.

Christine is a mom, partner, teacher, coach, healer and a strong role model for all ages. Her dedication to enhancing the lives of others, which encompasses guiding them to a state of health and well being, has led her to be a practitioner in holistic health therapy with a leading edge focus on spiritual and intuitive development.

This amazing lady has dedicated her life to working with children and youth of all ages in many different areas of their physical, intellectual and spiritual development. She delivers memorable messages that encourage everyone to step into their journeys, and be the best they can be for themselves, their loved ones, their communities and humanity.

Her Transformational Guidance is  a channeled session which offers individuals  Support, Guidance and Direction in development of deeper connection and realizing health and wellness in all areas of their lives.

 Intuitive Guidance,  Transformational Healing, Energetic Health (ie Reiki) as per each clients unique and individual requirements.

Tracy Montgomery

Tracy holds a Bachelor of Education and has gained experience teaching kindergarten through grade 6 for the past 15 years. Throughout her professional teaching career, she has developed her own personal passions of yoga, meditation, and wellness. She considers herself to be a life long learner, and loves to share her passions of yoga and meditation through her weekly classes and workshops that she teaches.

Throughout the process of developing her own passions, she began to weave them into her classroom and share them with her students. In doing so, she very quickly became aware of the need to bring meditation and mindfulness into the education system as a way to self regulate, reduce stress and anxiety. What began as small lessons and activities in her own classroom blossomed into a school wide mindfulness program, and she created the role of Mindfulness Teacher and Coach as a teaching position at her elementary school.

This school wide program has been ongoing now for almost 5 years. In addition to this role, Tracy has taught workshops and at conferences such as ECEC (Early Childhood Education Council), as well as professional development for schools outside her own school division. She is also a facilitator of the Learn to Teach Meditation to Kids and Teens training program with Lifestyle Meditation.

Tracy firmly believes that in order for students to do well academically, they have to be mentally and emotionally healthy. Without that, they are not ready to learn and grow into their fullest potential. In our new fast paced world of technology, managing emotions, stress and anxiety, and learning to unplug has never been as vital as it is now. Teaching mindfulness in the classroom is not only beneficial in the classroom setting, but is a life skill that students will carry with them as get older and become adults. Learning how to be more mindful is about learning how to be more human, and there is no better message we can give our students than that.

Tracy has spent over 300 hundred hours studying and training in the field of meditation and mindfulness, and is passionate about sharing it within her profession.  She is also a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Registered Massage Therapist, and Reiki practitioner.


Faye Stollery

“I find great joy in the simple things in life, like walking barefoot in the grass, singing and dancing in the kitchen, and spending time with my family. It is my goal to inspire others to incorporate mindfulness into their everyday lives.”

Faye Stollery is a meditation instructor, yoga practitioner and performance coach. She teaches classes and workshops at Lifestyle Meditation, Introduction to Meditation through Minerva Senior Studies at MacEwan University School of Continuing Education, and offers private coaching at the MacEwan Conservatory of Music. She has a creative approach to applying mindfulness across disciplines. Her genuine loving nature creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, exemplifying her skill of integrating mindfulness into everyday moments.

Bachelor of Arts Drama Honours University of Alberta, Lifestyle Meditation Certified Instructor, iRest Yoga Nidra Informed Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor 200 Hour, and Reiki Level II.


Shauna McMartin

Shauna’s yoga journey started over 14 years ago in the basement of the library in Fort Saskatchewan.  Her family enrolled in a community yoga class as a way to spend time together.  This first sample of yoga sparked an interest that eventually lead her to pursue her passion.

Having completed her Bachelor of Management with the University of Lethbridge, Shauna was working in the Provincial Government with the Department of Corporate Human Resources when she attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in fall of 2007.  This nine week intensive training covered yoga history, philosophy, anatomy, teaching dialogue and two Bikram hot yoga classes a day.  After completing what she will tell you as one of the most intense and challenging experiences of her life, she returned to Edmonton to teach part time while working in human resources.  After spending a few years balancing two flourishing career paths the day came when realized there was a direction she needed to explore – opening her own studio.  In 2012 she left her 12 year corporate career and with the support of her family, Shauna and her sister Leanne embarked on the odyssey of opening Two Sisters Yoga from 2012 – 2016.  The studio created a large and loving community of yogis who were like family, offering a safe and supportive space to explore meditation and together.

During her growth and development Shauna has completed Yin Yoga training, Power Flow training and 4 Meditation trainings including Lifestyle Meditations 200 hour love to teach curriculum.  She has worked with a broad community of teachers, students and studios and sees the power meditation and yoga have to shift, evolve and change lives.  Her philosophy with teaching is that everyone is welcome to experience practice and she supports everyone’s journey with care and compassion.  This welcoming approach sees yogis of all ages, shapes and sizes coming to her classes creating a platform for her students experience a fun and inspirational space.   Shauna is engaged in the community, and has worked with a variety of individuals, groups and agencies to help bring meditation and yoga into the lives of all those who benefit from a regular practice.  


Kim Doring-Lindgren

Bio coming soon.


Marissa Kuchelyma

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